SEO Websites Built for Dominating the Search Engines

Yes, there is a significant distinction between a Search Engine Optimization firm and a web design firm that builds a site. We move toward website design and development with Search Engine Optimization in mind from the get go. We implement high level SEO techniques when we develop your website taking into factor the many stages of website development that need to be considered. Many internet website designers understand the need for SEO but, in most cases, aren’t really qualified to execute a good SEO strategy. So, they leave the SEO portion to the client to figure out. Huge Difference!

Here’s what typically takes place when you deal with conventional Internet web designers and marketing firms. They spend all kinds of time on the visual aspects of the siteSEO for website development and ways to approach your message, which is great, and then hand it off to the customer, often with little or no support. The majority of Internet website designers focus on the look and feel of a website. Most times they expect the client to give the majority of, or all content, pictures and meta data necessary to complete a website.

You and your company are the experts in your market niche and certainly capable of composing your own website material, yet just how much SEO and competitive research do most companies perform when documenting their content? Typically, zero, based on my experience and this is why working with an SEO agency from the beginning of the website design process is so important.

You are the expert in your business, excelling at creating your message and telling your story, which is why your business is successful. However in today’s faced paced, mobile driven world that story just isn’t enough to help you dominate the search engines. There are optimization skills required to help achieve authority on the Internet and most businesses and web developers don’t know these specific techniques when building out there web pages.

If you have an existing website that needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or if you need a website created with SEO in mind from the beginning, contact us today to find out more.

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