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What is SEO and how can it work for my business in my area?

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that can be used, among many, to help build your digital footprint across the Internet. To keep things basic there are two types of SEO, onsite and offsite SEO. Both play a critical role in the ability for a website to rank in the search engines.

Onsite SEO near and close to me

Onsite SEO must have a strategic approach to implementation. The most important component for onsite SEO is the content. What’s the relevancy of the content? Do you have enough content? Is the content to general? Is the content to specific and confusing? This is important because there are 2 user types to your website.

The first user is the standard human visitor. Your content needs to be engaging and useful for the visitor. This will increase time on site metrics and other analytic measurements that Google also looks at. The second visitor type are search bots. These bots review the site code, content relevancy and SEO techniques used to help build relevance and authority for the search engines.

The takeaway? Content has become the main driver for building authority. It’s important to have a specific niche that the website will target and to build relevant content around that topic. If you provide multiple services, then each niche should be unique and with relevant content specific to that niche.

Offsite SEO near and close to me

Offsite SEO will also have a specific strategy for implementation and management. Offsite SEO is the building of external relevance to your content from various sources, such as other websites, social signals and organic traffic. This is typically called backlinking. A backlink is a link from another site that points to information on your website.

Backlinks provide a mechanism for Google to determine whether your topic has relevancy among topics related to your niche. So, it’s important to build backlinks from relevant sources that add value to the end user of the site.

The future of SEO in the greater Rockford, Chicago, IL and Madison, WI and other nearby regions

The way people search is continuing to evolve and the latest-greatest shake-up, the rise of mobile. In fact, Google is slowly rolling out a mobile specific search function and that directory may take over the desktop search tool altogether.

For companies looking to integrate an SEO strategy this adds another layer of complexity. Now you must have a responsive website, an AMP version and content that’s easy to navigate on a mobile device. Responsive websites are those that reformat the layout based on the device that is displaying the website. AMP pages are Google friendly pages that are a version of the mobile site that can load much faster for slow mobile connections.

Google continues to add algorithm complexity

In its latest move, Google has started placing more relevance on the https protocol. This secure layer adds a secure connection between your site and a specific visitor. This agenda has been advanced to help reduce fishing scams and spam based materials.

Solid Gold SEO, your local SEO company

It’s our job to understand the latest in search engine optimization techniques and how to use those techniques to build authority for our clients. It’s important that a strategy is created to track, monitor and grow your digital footprint. Do you want to grow your business, brand and online authority? Then, look no further, our team of professionals will work with you to build a custom strategy to fit your unique business needs.