Search Engine Optimization Services – Our Goal

As a top organic SEO company, Solid Gold SEO’s goal with respect to SEO is to create total value for your business through increased, targeted, and consistent high-quality organic traffic. It’s not about the quantity of traffic, it’s about the quality and that’s how we approach every project regardless of how little or large the project may be. Our approach is to sit down with you and understand your business. Then we devise an online strategy that continually accomplishes your goals throughout the lifecycle of your SEO campaigns.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of taking one’s website or other web property and making it more visible in the organic search engine results. SEO can have a dramatic impact on how your business generates leads and it’s for this reason that companies are scrambling to implement SEO strategies. However, it’s not just about the latest greatest technique to game the system as some SEO companies will have you believe. To us it’s about strategic implementation of SEO best practices to achieve both short term and long term results. Organic SEO services may require continuous maintenance to achieve continuous results, but like any marketing initiative the results ultimately speak for themselves.

Why Invest in Organic SEO with an SEO Company?

Being optimized for organic keyword searches is critical to generating:
Traffic from people who are already interested in finding your products or services.
Improved long term visibility within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).
Better on-site lead conversions.


Onsite and offsite analysis, structured data, meta data, HTML tags, keyword research and tracking, SEO training, best practices and content optimization.


We’ll help you develop and promote a strong, successful presence on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google and others.


PPC advertising and research, Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing Network, Facebook, LinkedIn and other SEM. Landing Page, Ad Design, A/B testing, Multivariate Testing and other services.


We create, promote and distribute valuable SEO driven content to improve your rankings, increase link equity and to attract new visitors and conversions to your site.


Informational websites, e-commerce websites and data driven website applications. We provide websites and software, optimized for conversions and that meet all your SEO needs.