Mobile Application Development Services and Strategic Solutions

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Your business needs a Mobile Application strategy!

Your customers are mobile savvy and you should be Marketing to them through as many channels as possible. Mobile apps can help augment your Marketing efforts in many ways. Depending upon how you utilize your app outreach, an app can also help fill your sales pipeline. With mobile applications, it’s all about authority and relevancy. Is your company relevant? It takes more than a fancy website with great sales copy, videos and content to maintain customer relationships. Once you have the customer you need to maintain a relationship with them.

There are so many useful ways to integrate a mobile app into your Marketing strategy. Mobile applications allow you to engage with your customers in new and innovative ways. Let’s face it, customer engagement is critical to growing your brand. Our mobile app development company can give you that edge and help you stay ahead of the competition. We look at apps in two ways, customer communication apps and In-business communication apps.

Drive customer loyalty through mobile engagement

When you integrate mobile application development into your Marketing strategy you can benefit from many features that will allow you to maximize the relationship you have with your customers. You can notify them of upcoming events, offer coupons, create loyalty programs, use direct communication platforms, implement proximity Marketing offers, book reservations and so much more. Is your business in need of an upgrade? Let our mobile app development team show you how an Android or Apple mobile application can benefit your business.

In-Business mobile application development company

When most people think of mobile apps, they think of them as a tool to help promote your brand to your customers. However, In-Business mobile apps are meant for you to communicate directly with your employees, dealers, suppliers and others. This opens the doors to a whole new world for mobile application necessity. Supply files, videos and other vital information to your sales people or allow your employees to share product information within the app with their customers. With so many options mobile app development for your business only makes sense.

Mobile technology has changed the way we do business and to stay current a business must look to integrate new and innovative techniques to stay ahead of the competition. We live in a mobile world where our employees and our products are constantly on the move. Trust our team of professionals to help you build a strategic plan to integrate an In-Business mobile application.

What are some core features of a mobile app?

  • Push notifications, proximity marketing, discounts, QR codes, specials and coupons.
  • In app messages. Push messages to your users and keep them informed about what’s important in your business. Contact and Inbox features for direct communication.
  • Booking features which allow your customers to book a reservation, register for an event or anything specific to your business needs.
  • Event calendars that allow you to create custom calendar based events, view them through your app, share them and stay in touch with your customers.
  • Catalogues, restaurant menus and eCommerce store features – lists of products, pricing descriptions and more.
  • Custom content specific to your message – unique content specific to your branding and for your specific customer needs. Download attachments, etc. and so much more…

What kinds of companies can benefit from a mobile app?

Any business in the greater Chicago, IL, Rockford, IL and Madison WI areas can make use of a mobile development company to build them a custom mobile application. We primarily focus on the local markets in the greater Chicago, Rockford, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin regions, but we can build a mobile app for companies anywhere in the United States. If you need an app development company to help grow your brand loyalty, please contact us today to learn more.

We can work with you to determine a mobile development campaign to help you achieve success with your mobile app. Be unique, be first, add a Google App Store or iTunes customer app or In-business mobile app to your arsenal of Marketing tools and watch your business grow.