SEO and Digital Marketing strategies to stay competitive

To remain competitive in both bad and good markets every business must strive to get ahead. Some businesses do that through direct sales channels, while others try to simply reach out to their local customers through offline marketing techniques such as television, print and radio. One thing remains true for small businesses, regardless of market conditions, and that is they must consistently provide a good product or service and follow that up with great customer service.

SEO and social media Marketing may be a form of customer outreach that small business owners may not have considered or even be aware of. SEO and social media for local business owners is a great way to build a new customer base and expand your business in new ways.

You will establish a positive presence both online and off-line.
They already know your product or service and they know it’s good when you sell to existing local customers. But, what about those that are from out of town, new to the area or that have never heard of your company? For those people, it’s imperative that they get a good sense of your quality before purchasing anything from you. If you establish a website that is easily found because of good search positioning, the site looks good, has easily accessible and good content and has good reviews, then you can establish that sense of quality and value which will increase your chance of selling yourself online to potential customers.

Lead generation SEO for local companies will help establish repeat customers.
Those who wish to buy your product and search for it online in a deliberate manner truly want your product and should be considered hot leads, as they are searching specifically for your product or service. This is how inbound lead generation through SEO and social media channels can be so much more effective than traditional offline marketing practices. Through SEO techniques you can target specific search results within search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and you can then target those leads more precisely, while establishing and expanding your repeat customer base.

Marketing dollars will be more cost-effective using SEO and social media.
Some local businesses drop thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising methods simply because that is what their competitors are doing or that is all they know. With SEO, potential customers can be reached without dropping a lot of money on advertising and traditional offline techniques.

Product and service searches via search engines and social media channels are at all time highs and will continue to grow.
Whether it’s a five year old with an iPhone, or a grandma that just discovered email, more and more people are online and with a multitude of devices. When these people search for a business, especially while in an unknown town, they will reach for their mobile device or laptop to search out what they need so, it will be profitable for them to find you at the top of the search engines, like Google. In the small business market many of your competitors will likely not even have considered SEO as a Marketing initiative, so it’s important to get ahead with your strategy now.

Even if you already are online, it takes effort to keep your high position in the search rankings.
It’s possible that you have already established a positive online presence. This is a good thing and means that you are on the path to expanding your market online thus providing a new source of revenue and growth. As more businesses realize this and begin their SEO strategies the competition will get tougher for Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s) positioning. So, it’s important to continually update your SEO and social media presence, by utilizing a good SEO company that follows white hat and best practices SEO techniques.

The purpose of this article is to help small business owners understand how SEO works, the benefits of using a good search engine optimization company and how that can benefit them over the long run. For more information please contact us at: (815) 242-2742.

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Local Businesses Need SEO to Grow Their Businesses and Here's 5 Reasons Why!
For many small businesses the Internet has become a very useful tool for helping them grow their businesses. SEO and social media are driving this success.